The Future of Fantasy Football Drafts

Fantasy Football has come a long ways in history when the beginning was all done by hand, to now computer and mobile applications. One feature that has changed throughout the years was the way your league drafted. I’m the league, Awesome league, has drafted all type of ways:

  • NFL computer/mobile draft
  • ESPN computer/mobile draft
  • Live Draft Sticker Board
  • Prime Time Draft¬†

From the beginning our league has tried to make an effort to attend the draft every year. Our first live drafts consisted of us drafting together and we were all surrounded by computers. Just 2 years ago we decided to draft live on a board with real stickers. It was a success, but one thing that made the draft hard was having to peel off the stickers and keep up with everybody’s draft picks. You don’t want to be the sticker Bi***h ethier so drafting live was a little difficult. This year we reached out to Prime Time Draft to solve a drafting solution; especially since 3 members this year weren’t going to be at the draft. No one wanted a sticker or a computer draft while most of the league was present.¬† Prime Time Draft Features allowed for 3 league members to draft remotely while we were able to keep the live draft for the people who attended. The software worked great and we had no trouble at the live draft nor did we have it remotely. Below are pictures of what the product looks like.

Here is a picture of the Awesome League fantasy draft results. I was ranked last and last year I was the last place team, doesn’t look like a good year for me. (Team Name: Goff It Up)

This is the remote link that allows users to join the fantasy football draft if they aren’t present.


  • Customize the draft board (Snake, Linear, Other)
  • Announcing team names and draft picks
  • Timer
  • Keeper placement/ League customization
  • Allowed players to draft from any location with their phones or computers
  • Digital space and instant updates for years to come
  • Price: only $25/year


  • No auto draft
  • Robotic voice for announcing pick
  • Drafting for phone online worked, but would be better if on a mobile application
  • Having to enter the draft results manually

Overall League Rating 9/10

Would like these Future Updates:

  1. More Sports
  2. No more robotic voice
  3. Mobile App for the Remote Viewers
  4. More Fantasy Football League Integrations
  5. Customized Auto Pick Function

If you used this software before please comment your experience down below.

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Great for leagues who want that live draft feel when other members of your league can't be there.

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